Tianjin New Century Refractories Co., Ltd. (TNCR Group) was established by Dr. Yong S. Dai in March, 2003. Tianjin New Century Refractories Co., Ltd. is registered in Tianjin, China as a wholly owned foreign enterprise. TNCR’s business scope covers all aspects from manufacturing to distributing of refractory materials for iron and steel, glass, cement, non‐ferrous, chemical and other industries. Its main business includes manufacturing, marketing/sales and technical/quality assurance services of refractories, high temperature‐insulation and related raw materials.


 TNCR have teams of full‐time refractory engineers engaged in manufacturing and supplying refractories worldwide. Our refractory engineers are responsible for outsourcing qualified products that are not in TNCR’s portfolio to meet our overseas clients’ needs. These suppliers must strictly follow TNCR’s corporate guidelines from the selection of the qualifying products to tracking the entire production process at our supplier’s plants with TNCR’s QA procedures all the way through final shipment. TNCR was ISO 9001‐2010, ISO 14000 and ISO 18000 Certified in 2009.


At the present time TNCR operate three independent manufacturing plants to support various refractory productions. TNCR has successfully combined American management principles and Chinese manufacturing capability to provide quality refractory products and services at low cost.


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