YNCR produces a variety of high quality chrome free basic refractories for rotary cement kiln applications. These include MgO-Spinel, MgO-Hercynite (Alumina-Iron Oxide Spinel) and MgO-CaO brick.  The various brick qualities can be effectively used to zone the rotary kiln in order to meet a variety of process conditions.  The products are environmentally friendly, high quality and cost effective.

Preheaters consist of many different operating units, cyclones, risers, meal chutes, risers, feed inlet housing, and calciners.Each unit has its own problems when it comes to refractory selection, installation, and cost effectiveness.Proper refractory selection is dependent on the operating temperature, alkali load, fuels, installation methods, design and anchorage.Often the key components of an installation are overlooked such as thermal profile, insulation, anchorage, expansion, to name a few.


TNCR offer refractory engineered systems to yield longer and cost effective linings, resolving build-up problems, design and layout a truly engineered system.

Burner Pipes

Burner pipes refractories undergo extensive wear not only from the high temperature, thin linings, and alkalicondensation but also due to dust, thermal shock, thermal expansion and hot and cold bending moments and add to this a potentially heavy load by a snowman and you can have the perfect situation for shortened refractory life.

Rotary Cement Kilns

TNCR offers a complete line of ceramic and metallic refractory anchors. Anchoring systems and considerations  must use for the proper selection.

List of Key Products

Fired Basic Brick

Top-Line Spinel Brick

SYN-DOL MgO-Lime Brick

High Alumina Brick

Pro-Line Series Brick

List of Key Products


Pro-Line A50

Pro-Line A60 D

Pro-Line A75 BP

Pro-Line A85 BP

Eco-Line 23C


Pro-Cast Z22

Pro-Cast Z14


Pro-Gun 160C Z

Pro-Cast  255C



List of Key Products

Wire Anchors

Ceramic Anchors