YNCR has developed a line of MgO-Chrome products in order to meet the requirements of the various copper production applications. The types of MgO-Chrome brick range from direct bonded brick to re-bonded and semi-rebonded brick that are based on combinations of high purity MgO, chrome ore and Fused MgO-Chrome raw materials. These products are formulated and fired to temperatures in excess of 1720 to achieve excellent high temperature properties and corrosion resistance to meet the demands of the various copper production processes.

List of Key Product 

Top-Line Series:

Magnesia Chrome Brick

High fired Magnesia Chrome brick with approximately 60% MgO have been shown to give good performances in the various types of copper furnaces (i.e. Pierce-Smith, anode furnaces and Kaldo converters). These products are chemically compatible with the copper slags, and have physical properties that meet the copper production process conditions.Magnesia chrome brick used in these applications typically have low porosity and permeability to resist slag infiltration and corrosion, good thermal shock and erosion resistance(tuyere zones).

Pro-Line Series:

Alumina-Chrome Brick

Pro-Line C30SR – A high fired alumina-chrome brick that is formulated with high purity raw materials.  The bricks are designed to be used in high wear areas of copper anode and other production furnaces.  The bricks possess excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature properties.