We have recently just achieved another one of the planned milestones for YNCR.


On October 23rd, the 1st tempered MgO-CaO bricks came out of the new imported tempering oven which is still being commissioned.

We have now successfully produced our first tempered MgO-CaO product Syn-Dol GTR 203. Next product will be our Syn-Dol GTR 206. Pictures attached of the GTR 203 product and some taken today, 1-week after the product was produced.

The bricks off the press look very good and our new hydraulic press works in a very consistent manner. The bricks out of the tempering oven also look very good. Technical properties have also achieved or exceeded specifications.

Yingkou New Century Refractories Co., Ltd, is the basic brick production base of Tianjin New Century Refracotires Co., Ltd . Main Products include Magnesia-Carbon, Alumina-Magnesia-Carbon, Magnesia-Calcia-Carbon Bricks as well as other basic products such as fired Magnesia, Magnesia Chrome, Magnesia Calcia, Magnesia-FeO Spinel and Magnesia Alumina Spinel bricks for glass, cement, steel and other non-ferrous industries.  The annual capacity is over 60000tons.