TNCR offers a full range refractory materials for the glass making industry. Our highlight is the silica brick Super Silcor for glass tank crown. In addition to the products listed in the figure below TNCR can also provide insulation solutions for glass furnaces including ASTM Insulating Fire Brick for cold face wall, bottom block and suspended tin bath roof. TNCR can  also provide the INSPRAY insulating technology for insulating the lining for glass tanks.

Solution for Glass Melting Furnaces From top to bottom

Glass 1.jpg
Glass 2.jpg

Solution for Glass Regenerators

Glass 3.jpg

List of Key Products 


Products For Kiln Structure

Top-Line Series:

Magnesia Brick

Magnesia Zirconia Brick

Magnesia Chrome Brick

Silcor Series:

Super Duty Silica Brick 

Light Weight Silica Brick 


Energy Saving 

Insulating Fire Brick

(Complete Line of ASTM Standard)

Fiber Insulating Coating (INSPRAY)

Energy Saving Coating (EMISSHIELD)

Hot Repair

Crown Sealing Castables and Hot Repair Material

High Purity Chrome Brick and Alumina Chrome Brick for Hot Repair
(Pro-Line Series Products)

Zero Expansion Silica Brick for Crown Hot Repair