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Yingkou, Dashiqiao

Basic brick

Xuzhou, Xinyi

Castable, Silica brick, IFB

Tianjin New Century Refractories Co., Ltd.

is registered in Tianjin, China as a wholly owned foreign enterprise. Its main business includes manufacturing, marketing/sales and technical/quality assurance services of refractories, high temperature-insulation and related raw materials. At present it is operating 3 manufacturing bases in China:


1. TNCR Tianjin Head and Trading Office

(Strategy, Quality Control, Sales, Customer Service & Logistics, R&D, Accounting)

TNCR has teams of full-time refractory engineers as well as management and administrative professionals engaged in supplying “Made-in-China” refractories worldwide.  Our refractory engineers are responsible for outsourcing qualified products that are not in TNCR’s portfolio to meet our overseas clients’ needs. They strictly follow TNCR corporate rules to select suppliers, to qualify products and to track entire production process at our suppliers’ plants with TNCR QA procedures till the products are shipped.  TNCR was ISO 9001-2010, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000 Certified in 2009.

It is important to note that TNCR’s engineers inspect the products before shipment to ensure that they are fully in compliance with the client’s specifications and requirements. TNCR issues “Certificate of Analysis” for all materials shipped.


2. Liaoning Manufacturing Base

YNCR Manufacturing Base is located in Yingkou city, Liaoning Province producing basic refractories for the Steel, Cement, Glass and other non-ferrous industry applications.. Main Products include : fired shaped products,  Mg-lime, Magnesia, Magnesia Chrome, Magnesia-Fe2O3 Spinel and Magnesia-Al2O3 Spinel and Tempered shaped products including Mg-Lime-Carbon, Magnesia-Carbon, Alumina-Magnesia-Carbon, Alumina-SiC-Carbon. A full range of Rams, Plastics, Mortars and granular accessory materials are also produced to support all the basic shaped products produced. Existing products are mainly exported to overseas markets. TNCR is actively pursuing the expansion of this business worldwide.

3. Jiangsu Manufacturing Base

It is located in Xinyi city, Jiangsu Province. It produces full line ASTM standard Insulation Fire Brick (IFB),  monolithics, pre-cast shapes, chrome-corundum, corundum, high-alumina, fireclay and fused silica based bricks for iron & steel, cement, glass, non-ferrous, incineration, gasifiers and coke oven hot repairs etc.

4. Henan Manufacturing Plant

It is located in Gongyi city, Henan Provice. It produces nitride-bonded/sialon-bonded silicon carbide products and mortars for iron & steel, electrolytic aluminium , copper smelting, incineration and chemical industries.