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UNIC PRODUCTS S.r.l.is  TNCR's european agent for Insulating Fire Brick (IFB). 

UNIC Products S.r.l., a company of UNISTARA Group, is a distributor of refractory materials, insulating refractory materials, high temperature specialties for heat-intensive industries. Many grades of materials were developed in cooperation with UNIC.

UNIC has sales representatives in most European Countries.

Emisshield, Inc.

2000 Kraft Drive, Ste 2600 Blacksburg, VA 24060, USA

TNCR is China agent of Emisshield Incorporated.

Emisshield Incorporated is the owner and creator of Emisshield® Systems.  Emisshield® Systems are ceramic nanoparticle materials with high emissivity and heat re-radiation capabilities extending over a wide temperature range up to 3,000°F. The technology positively impacts most heat applications by changing the base physics of any system, and thus allows for positive improvements on any heat generating or absorbing structure.