Pro-Line  High Alumina Brick 

Pro-Line Fireclay & High Alumina Brick 

Burned phosphate-bonded high-alumina brick has been used successfully in melting/holding furnaces. It features high strength at elevated temperatures and resistance to abrasion and thermal shock. This family of products exhibit excellent resistance to molten aluminum penetration and is therefore commonly used in the bottom of the melting furnace.

Pro-Line A50 - is a high purity 50% alumina brick with excellent high temperature strength. Ideally suited for use in preheating zone where alkali salts are present. Can also be used as an upgrade to conventional fireclay brick in preheater vessels.

Pro-Line A60D – is a 60% alumina brick manufactured from high purity calcines. It exhibits excellent resistance to alkali salt attack and has good thermal shock resistance. Can be used in preheating zone where chemical attack is prevalent.


Pro-Line A70Plus – is a conventional 70% alumina brick manufactured from bauxitic calcines. It is ideally suited for use in calcining zone where normal operating conditions are present.


Pro-Line A80 Plus- is an 80% alumina brick produced from calcined bauxite. It has good hot strength, predictable reheat expansion characteristics, and good thermal shock resistance. It is primarily used in the lower calcining and cooling zones where greater refractoriness is required.


Pro-Line A75BP - is a 75% alumina, burned, phosphate-bonded brick with high hot strength and low porosity. Its low porosity gives it excellent resistance to alkali salt attack. It also exhibits excellent resistance to mechanical abuse from abrasion and impact. It is recommended for the lower calcining zone where brick and ceramic anchors are used.


Pro-Line A85BP – is an 80% alumina, phosphate-bonded, burned brick that has excellent high temperature strength and low porosity. The high degree of phosphate bonding gives this product excellent strength and abrasion resistance throughout its temperature range. It is ideally suited for use in the nose ring and ceramic anchors.