SILCOR Family ​

SILCOR UB Zero Expansion Silica Brick

SILCOR FS  Fused Silica Brick 

SILCOR UB: Zero Expansion Silica Brick

Zero Expansion Silica Brick has excellent thermal shock resistance, volume stability, high strength and low apparent porosity at elevated temperatures. It has been used extensively for coke oven hot repairs, glass tank crown rat-hole hot repairs as well as regenerator crown and separate wall repairs.  SILCOR UB offers flexibility for complex shapes and shorter lead time.

SILCOR FS: Lime-free and High Fired Fused Silica Brick 
SILCOR FS is widely used for Glass Tank Crown hot repairs and many acid resistant chemical applications.  Its excellent thermal shock resistance and volume stability at elevated temperatures make this brick perfect candidate for many hot repair jobs.  Also, it has been used for Glass Tank Crown brick when the tank is fired by corrosive fuels (petro-coke) or oxy-fuels.