Duplex process and triplex process are the most common methods used in stainless steel making.  In the processes,  AOD  (Argon-Oxygen Decarburization),  VOD  (Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization)  and MRP (Metal Refining Process) are key refining devices.


TNCR's experts can provide these devices a total refractories solution for these furnaces that optimizes lining designs, improves lifetimes, increases output and reduces cost per ton steel. Following are some examples of lining designs.


Typical layout for 100Mt MRP  convertor
Typical layout for 90 Mt AOD convertor
Typical layout for 100Mt VOD ladle

Tempered MgO-CaO Brick

MgC and AMC Bricks

Fired Direct Bonded MgO-CaO Brick

Monolithic Accessory

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